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Iwachu Cast Iron Tetsubin Teapot with Dragonfly Pattern in Black & Gold


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This Japanese cast iron teapot is quite simply stunning. Exquisitely made by the craftsmen at the Iwachu casting works in Japan, the design suggests a dragonfly hovering over the ripples of a pond.

The teapot is hand painted in black with gold highlights. In Japan the dragonfly is a symbol of courage, strength and happiness, and often appears in Japanese art and literature.

A Cast iron teapot will keep your tea warm for nearly an hour. The addition of a removable stainless steel basket (supplied free with this teapot) means that the tea can be brewed for the optimal length of time and then removed from the teapot, so that the perfectly brewed tea remains warm without over-extracting and getting bitter. Sit back and relax, knowing that you can pour another cup when you need it.

For over a hundred years Iwachu have been making tetsubin (iron tea pots) in the city of Morioka in Iwate prefecture. They are one of the most well known and respected manufacturers of Nanbu ironware, and are renowned for making tetsubin of superior quality and beauty. Today, the craftsmen of Iwachu respect their old tradition: Each teapot is infused with the same precision craftsmanship at each stage of the long and complex manufacturing process, which consists of 64 to 68 different steps, most of which are still undertaken by hand. The whole process is controlled by a master craftsman known as a "kamashi", who makes sure that quality is never compromised.

This teapot has an enamel coating on the inside, which prevents the formation of rust. It also comes with its very own stainless steel tea strainer, for use with loose leaf tea. Please note that the lacquered finish of this product is designed to fade and patinate over time in an attractive way.

Please do not use detergents, grease or salt on this product, and do not rub the product to clean it, as we cannot guarantee the finish if you do these things. Note: please read the supplied care instructions before using your teapot.

ORIGIN Morioka, Japan

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