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Ume is a British home fragrance brand that creates pure incense products that combine plant healing with traditional craftsmanship. The Nomadic Natural Sandalwood & Oud Incense sticks provide a grounding scent that encourages the flow of qi – our vital life force, according to ancient Chinese tradition. Its blend of roots, sandalwood, cardamom and oud has a slightly sweet and earthy scent which is ideal for relaxation.
Ume’s Nomadic Japanese-style incense sticks are made from ground seeds, herbs, precious barks, resins and roots. All ingredients are 100% vegan and ethically sourced. As you breath in the natural fragrance, allow ancient plant-based wisdom to interact with your system, helping you to realign and focus your energy. Nomadic: ‘qi flow, grounding, sensual’.
MATERIALS Natural incense
ORIGIN London, U.K.
FEATURES 50 sticks of incense / 30 mins per stick. Raw plant power: Ume is created using 100% ethically sourced & vegan raw aromatic plants
DIMENSIONS 16 x 4 x 1.5 cm, incense stick length: 15 cm
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